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» Where Would You be Without A Herniated Disc or Sciatica
» Exciting New Modality Brings Rapid and Lasting Neck Pain Relief - Active Therapy
» Top Three Car Accident Whiplash Symptoms in Austin, Texas
» Study Supports Spinal Manipulation for Relieving Low Back Pain
» The Amazing Health Benefits of Riding Your Bike to Work
» Stop Drinking Soda & Coffee for Energy – Climb the Stairs Instead!

Where Would You be Without A Herniated Disc or Sciatica

The most common cause of sciatica is an acute lumbar (low back) herniated disc.  Just this past year quite often people would come to my office having suffered with a new acute injury to the lower back that was causing severe acute sciatica (radiating leg pain). Herniated 20Discs 20Cause 20Low 20Back 20Pain 20  20Sciatica 202 20Google 20 The big trouble was they were leaving on a huge trip like a honeymoon, Caribbean cruise, and 10 day trip to Paris  in 1-2 weeks. Desperate to go on their trips they need to get out of pain before they could travel.
The three best sciatica and herniated disc pain treatments at Carlson Chiropractic - Austin are: 1) Spinal decompression treatment, 2) Chiropractic adjustments, and 3) Low level laser treatment. Massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments are also very effective low back and sciatic nerve pain relief.  Veronica Moreno, LMT is an independent contractor who works out of Carlson Chiropractic to help meet your massage therapy needs.

For the past 6 years of giving spinal decompression treatment for lumbar herniated disc our referral rate for surgery has had a sharp decline. If you suffer with a chronic or an acute herniated disc don't delay treatment. Early detection and treatment often leads to a better correction. If we could help you, your family, or friends give us a call 512-447-9093 today.

Author: John D. Carlson, D.C.
Source: http://www.carlsonchiro.com
Copyright: John D. Carlson, D.C 2015

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Exciting New Modality Brings Rapid and Lasting Neck Pain Relief - Active Therapy

Neck pain has many different causes. In most cases, neck pain is not caused by a life threatening condition but rather due to musculoskeletal disorders that respond well to conservative treatments. Chiropractic has been effectively Neck 20Pain 20one 20of 20the 20most 20prevelant 20reasons 20people 20seek 20treatment 20133200giving patients neck pain relief for over 100 years.  One new modality to help patients with a specific condition that can cause neck pain is Active Therapeutic Motion. This relatively new treatment helps patients who have neck pain particularly during certain movements and is called a movement disorder.
Movement disorders, of this magnitude, typically have a specific event and an acute onset of neck pain that can become excruciating when moving the neck in one direction like right rotation. The onset of pain may occur insidiously or from a trauma.  Movement disorders occur when the brain and spinal cord loses timing with the muscles around a joint. When the brain and spinal cord fail to stimulate muscle contraction just milliseconds prior to loading on a joint. When that condition occurs the joints in the neck experience shearing pressure on the joint and the patient experiences mild to excruciating pain. 
Active Therapeutic Motion help the brain and spinal regain proper timing of muscle contractions prior to movement removing the shearing pressure on the joint. Failure to remedy the movement disorder can cause excessive pressure to be placed on the intervertebral disc resulting in acute cervical herniated discs. With Active Therapeutic Motion  rarely do I see a patient who needs more than 4-6 visits. With quick neck pain relief with Active Therapeutic Motion helps defray expensive medical cost, unnecessary doctor visits, and unnecessary medication. Active Therapeutic Motion can also expedite the return to normal life following a severe bout of neck pain. The major negative for Active Therapeutic Motion is that it works only on movement disorders. Therefore, if your neck pain is not due to a movement disorder this modality will not help you.  
Below I am including a link to one of my YouTube videos about Active Therapeutic Motion. This video is a video chiropractic review by a woman who had severe neck pain after her daily workout.  Take a moment to watch the video and hear her story about rapid relief of severe neck pain.

Severe Neck Pain is Relieved by South Austin Chiropractor and Active Therapeutic Motion
Since this therapy is widely unknown to many patient and even doctors, help me tell others by liking us on Face Book and sharing it on your social media to help others struggling to find neck pain relief due to movement disorders. If feel you need  or would like to try this treatment call us today at 512-447-9093. You can learn more about neck pain visit htttp://www.carlsonchiro.com .

Author: John D. Carlson, D.C.
Source: http://www.carlsonchiro.com
Copyright: John D. Carlson, D.C 2015

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Top Three Car Accident Whiplash Symptoms in Austin, Texas

Austin is experiencing rapid population growth as many people are migrating to Austin for various different reasons. Austin's population has grown so much Headaches 20Occur 20in 2080  20of 20Whiplash 20Injuries 1so quickly while our road systems have lagged well behind population growth.  Along with increased traffic density comes increased car accident and whiplash injuries. 

The top three car accident whiplash symptoms are: neck pain, headaches, and shoulder pain. Does this sound like you? Failure to get treatment often leads to ongoing recurrent symptoms until the underlying damaged tissues causing neck pain, headaches, and shoulder pain is resolved.  Either under treatment or no treatment often leads to bone spurs, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis in your neck. 

If you have  been injured in a car accident get a chiropractic examination, find the cause of your neck pain, headaches, and shoulder pain, and the get a customized treatment plan designed to restore the damaged tissue today.

Call today and get your examination scheduled. 512-447-9093

Author: John D. Carlson, D.C.
Source: http://www.carlsonchiro.com
Copyright: John D. Carlson, D.C 2015

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Study Supports Spinal Manipulation for Relieving Low Back Pain

Living with chronic low back pain is no way to live. Everything from exercise to simply sitting down can be extremely painful. Many people with low back problems need to significantly change their daily routines to avoid the excruciating pain common movements can cause. One of the main ways a chiropractor can help with this kind of discomfort is through SMT (Spinal Manipulative Therapy). A recent JAMA study has shed light on why this method is so helpful and how the chiropractic community is taking steps to ensure the best possible care for their patients.

An Alternative to Evasive Surgeries and Prescription Drugs

There are a number of reasons this review is extremely exciting, not the least of which is that SMT could be a reliable alternative to back surgeries and/or the use of drug therapy to help cope with the pain. In fact, the American College of Physicians recently released new guidelines for low back pain treatment, which makes the same recommendation. The ACA (American Chiropractic Association) was quick to formally approve a resolution to adopt these new standards, along with chiropractic-specific practices from the Clinical Compass. One reason the ACA gave for their decision was our country’s current opioid crisis. President David Herd, DC, cited the risk of dependency as playing a role in these new guidelines. 

Toward a Greater Consensus Regarding Chiropractic Care

Another benefit of these recent studies that Dr. Herd mentioned in his statement was how adopting these guidelines will help grow a greater consensus amongst:

  • Chiropractors
  • Patients
  • Other Health Care Providers
  • Policy Makers
  • Insurance Companies

This would include methods for pain treatment, as well as management and co-management solutions.

Are You Struggling Because of Low Back Pain?

No one should have to limit their lives because of chronic low back pain. According to a Gallup survey from 2016, more than 35 million Americans sought pain relief from a chiropractor over the course of the prior year. That’s 25% of the population. Over the course of their entire lifetimes, 65% of us will seek professional care because of neck or back pain. If you’re one of the millions of people who are having a hard time getting through the day because of their low back issues, make an appointment with your local chiropractor right away. You could already feel a major difference after just one visit without having to undergo major surgery or take a prescription medication.

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: American Chiropractic Association, online April 11, 2017.
Copyright: ProfessionalPlanets.com LLC 2017

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Riding Your Bike to Work

The government wants to start encouraging more people to take their bike to work. No, this isn’t in response to efforts to halt the progression of global climate change and to save the environment. The reason the government is promoting this is because of the awesome health benefits. According to recent studies, riding to work can reduce a person’s chances of:

  • Developing cancer
  • Dying prematurely
  • Being diagnosed with heart disease

The numbers are quite astonishing. According to the UK’s Telegraph, the risk of premature death fell by 41% among those who regularly rode to work. Forbes reports that the study was done at the University of Glasgow, where they evaluated the health of over 260,000 people during a five year period. Those who cycled to work had a:

  • 46% lower risk of developing heart disease
  • 52% lower risk of dying from heart disease
  • 45% lower risk of developing cancer
  • 40% lower risk of dying from cancer

Since cancer and heart disease are the leading causes of death in many countries – including the U.S. – it stands to reason that people would do anything they can to reduce their risks. Now they have proof that something as simple as cycling to work can lower the risk significantly. Why not give it a try for yourself? Start out slow – replacing your car with your bike as your mode of transport one day a week, then two, then three, and so on. With results like these, you’ll be happy you did!

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: BMJ 2017;357:j1944
Copyright: ProfessionalPlanets.com LLC 2017

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Stop Drinking Soda & Coffee for Energy – Climb the Stairs Instead!

Drinking coffee first thing in the morning may seem like the logical way to perk up low energy levels. Researchers have found, though, that caffeine – either from soda, energy drinks, coffee, or tea – has less of an effect on a person’s energy as does physical activity. The physical activity promoted in this recent study: stair climbing. Climbing the stairs may be the last thing a person wants to do when they’ve had a long night, but according to a study in Reuters, taking the stairs has a more profound effect on energy than caffeine. The study followed young, busy women, as this is a demographic that is largely often sleep deprived. The women in the study averaged less than 6.5 hours of sleep each night. Some of the women were given a placebo, others a 50mg dose of caffeine, and the last group had to climb stairs for 10 minutes. After this, they were asked to describe their level of energy, and were also tested for cognitive awareness and function. This included testing their memory and reaction times. The women who climbed the stairs felt significantly more energized, particularly right after their exercise. According to Men’s Health, the activity didn’t reduce the participant’s cognitive function, which means that when a person exerts themselves physically they don’t exhaust themselves mentally. Medical News Today reports that the participants even had greater motivation to work after their jaunt up the stairs. So, after a sleepless night – ditch the caffeine and hit the stairs. You’ll feel better!

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: Physiology and Behavior, online March 14, 2017.
Copyright: ProfessionalPlanets.com LLC 2017

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