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Are you someone whose absenteeism at work is challenging your ability to stay employed? Are you taking more and more medications just to find out that rebound headaches are caused by taking too many pain killing drugs? Have your relationships suffered because your headaches have restricted your freedom? Are you trying to sleep off your headaches more and more often? Have you ever considered what life would be like without headaches or drugs?
If this is you take time to read this website and watch the videos of how chiropractic care can help you identify and treat the cause, find headache relief, and resume your life without drugs or surgery.
For over 30 years, I have observed and treated many patients with headaches ranging for severe debilitating migraines to mild tension headaches. The effect of headaches on patients, their lives, income, and relationships is devastating. Far too many patient have been given symptomatic relief with over the counter medications and even long term use of narcotic strength drugs. Addiction to pain killing prescription medications is rapidly growing in Austin and across the United States. Also consider more people die today from the use of prescription medication than recreational street drugs. Chiropractic offer a drug free solution the has been proven highly effective for headache relief.
Below you will find articles and video reviews of headache relief with chiropractic care.Just click on the links below.Learn what causes headaches, types of headaches, how to get rid of a headache, what causes a migraine, best drug free treatments,and headache cures. If you are suffering with headaches and want a drug-free solution call us today for your chiropractic examination 512- 447-9093.

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