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Conditions Treated by South Austin Chiropractor

Carlson Chiropractic has over 30 years experience serving people in Greater Austin Metropolitan area to overcome musculoskeletal conditions of the spine, upper extremitiesExam 20SLR, and lower extremities with drug-free and non-surgical treatments. Carlson Chiropractic knows to have a successful recovery you must first properly identify the problem and what is causing the pain, symptoms, or condition. That is why we do a thorough orthopedic (to find if your joints are damaged), neurological (discover if your nerves are damaged), and chiropractic exam ( to determine if and how chiropractic can help you). During the examination your Doctor of Chiropractic will explain your examination findings , ask for your feedback and comments, and recommend if diagnostic images are necessary for your specific condition. Carlson Chiropractic has x-ray facilities onsite. All other diagnostic imaging are referred to local imaging centers. When you return to the office, your chiropractor will cover your findings answer your questions and concerns.
After your condition has been thoroughly explained then treatment options will be given for an individual customized treatment plan with treatment goals and re-exam intervals to measure your progress.
Below you will find links to pages for conditions treated by Carlson Chiropractic your South Austin Chiropractor. Just click on a link of your interest. Each page will help you understand the problem , what treatments can help, and then provide you with South Austin Chiropractic Reviews to give you our patient's perspective and encouragement of how they overcame a condition similar to yours.

Headaches 20Most 20Common 20Nervous 20System 20Disorder

Headaches - Types, Causes, Natural Treatments, Headache Relief Reviews Austin Chiropractor

Whiplash 20Injuries 20are 20Painful

Whiplash Injuries - Symptoms, Mechanism, Treatments

Neck 20Pain 20Has 20Many 20Causes 2

Neck Pain in Austin

iStock 000023273596 Medium

Mid Back Pain

Lower 20Back 20Pain 20is 20the 20 1 20Reason 20People 20Seek 20Medical 20Care

Low Back Pain

Sciatic 20nerve 20  20Leg 20Pain

Sciatica - Radiating Leg Pain

Cervical (Neck) Herniated Disc

Lumbar 20Herniated 20Discs 20are 20Most 20Prevalent 20at 20L45 20and 20L5S1 20Discs

Lumbar (Low Back) Herniated Disc

Degenerative Discs
Spinal Stenosis

Lumbar 20Spine 20Anatomy 20Model

Facet Syndrome

Car 20Accident 20Cause 20Shoulder 20Pain

Shoulder Pain

Arm Pain
Hand & Wrist Pain
Hip Pain

iStock 000022948595 Small 1

Knee Pain

BHIP 20Product 20Photos 20382

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