Austin Knee Pain Relief

South Austin Chiropractor - Dr. John D. Carlson

On the first day that I came to Dr. Carlson, I was barely walking. I was shuffling my feet. I could barely move, and it was very, very painful.

It was then I started running to the personal trainer, and then he had me do these side runs. And I thought Well, I'm just going to give it my all and I overexerted myself, and it caused this pain, some knee pain.

I tried over-the-counter medications. I tried getting treatments for it. I did some alignment with another chiropractor, but it did not really like cure it.

…deep tissue cold laser, and that was on the first day that he treated me. By the second day, I was amazed that 40 to 60 percent of the pain had been alleviated. After the laser treatment, I was able to walk more smoothly and that's after just one treatment. Within twenty-four hours, 40 to 60 percent of the pain had been alleviated.

And another great thing is I called in the afternoon (which was yesterday afternoon) and by the end of the day, they said they could, you know, get me in. I was very surprised, because normally it takes weeks for someone to get you in. So, I called in the afternoon about twelve o'clock, and then by four thirty I was in. By six o'clock, I had my treatment and I was on the way home feeling much, much better.

Everyone here is awesome. They're very courteous and very knowledgeable. They explain in detail what they're going to do, and it makes you feel so much more relaxed. You know what you'll be getting and exactly why you're getting it. Everything is explained. And Dr. Carlson is wonderful. His staff is very knowledgeable and they're very courteous and wonderful.

It's been a wonderful experience. I am so happy and so blessed that I was able to make this connection with Dr. Carlson because now I'm feeling so much better.

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