Herniated Disc Treatment Laser Pain Relief

South Austin Chiropractor - Dr. John D. Carlson

Hi, my name is Joseph Verdugo, and I came to Dr. Carlson's office about three weeks ago with a herniated disc. My pain was so intense that I literally couldn't walk or move or stand without a severe degree of pain and discomfort.

I was very pleased when I came to Dr. Carlson's office and was made to feel at ease from the get-go. The level of initial examination that was done by Dr. Carlson let me know that I could be confident in the treatment that I was going to be receiving here.

They did give the laser therapy treatment and it was, quite honestly, amazing. After the initial treatment, my pain (which was so severe, again, I couldn't even think or walk or really do any of my daily activities) went down by about 50 percent; and over the course of six more treatments, I'm back to being 100 percent. The laser was amazing. It's something that, you know, you would never think would have such a dramatic on you. Would be something that would be really a life-changing experience in the sense that being able to restore mobility and restore daily functioning (and giving you the confidence to go out and be able to live your daily life) is something that I'm grateful for.

Anyone who's suffering from pain or discomfort related to a herniated disc, I highly recommend Dr. John Carlson. He's really helped me, and I'm confident that he can help you, as well.

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