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About six months ago, I was given information from my doctor that I had a heart flutter which required an ablation. And during the period of the time that I heard that I had a heart flutter and I had to have it ablated, a number of things took place in my life: high blood pressure, some pains in my back. But I began to have pains in my heart and it always started with pains in my back.

And it got to a point that I had to go to ER because I had significant pain in my chest, which I told the ER people that it would begin with my back. I got to ER. They immediately thought it was the heart (which is what they should have done, I'm sure) and I went through this procedure, and my heart was fine. And then I took a stress test, and my heart was also fine. And then I continued to have this pain in my back. And lo and behold, I had serious problems. It felt in my stomach and my esophagus, but it all started with pain in the back.

Went back, again, to ER and diagnosed this as a potential esophagus problem and that I had to have some testing, and it wasn't my heart again. So, going back again, I went through a series of tests to find out what my problem was, because they found out it wasn't my heart. But I had these other serious kinds of pain and these very difficult emotions that developed into anxiety and depression, and it got worse.

And finally, it got to the point where I went through a series of testing. Had MRIs. I had the CAT scan. I had the esophageal kind. Endoscopy. I had an ultrasound of my stomach and my pelvis. And all these tests came back negative. They couldn't find a thing with me, except I still had the pain.

I went to a masseur who said to me, "Your back is all screwed up. Did you know that? You need to go to a chiropractor." And Dr. Carlson has been our family chiropractor for many years. I hadn't seen him in a couple of years. So, I went back full of pain, high blood pressure, not sleeping at night and just miserable.

After we did our evaluation, he immediately told me I had a rib out of place. I had a pinched nerve and my vertebra was out of whack. I suddenly became a lot freer of pain. I could swallow. I could feel almost normal and the more I got treatment, obviously, the better I felt. I could sleep at night, begin to do physical exercise and most of all, I began to play golf again; which is something very important to me. And I could go back to work.

All these things happened in a period of about three, two months; yet, for four months prior to that I had been in and out of clinics, in and out of testing, and always with the same outcome. "We don't know what's wrong with you."

Today my blood pressure is almost back to normal. I have free body movements. I come in for treatments once a week, for adjustments. And my life has returned. And not only does it make me happy, it certainly made my family and those around me who love me feel very grateful to Dr. Carlson, and to the hard work that I put in to get back to where I am now.

So, it's a great feeling, and I am just really positive about my continued life. And I also am very positive about my good friend, Dr. John Carlson. And I appreciate the opportunity that he's given me to share this information with you because I know that your successes will be no less than mine.

Hello, I'm Dr. John Carlson. If you're suffering from severe mid back pain accompanied with chest pain and arm pain, please make sure you get prompt and quick medical attention to rule out if you have a heart condition. Following the release, and understanding that the doctors cannot find the problem, try chiropractic to get your pain relieved and get the life back that you've been missing.

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