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Austin Cervical Bulging Disc & Neck Pain

South Austin Chiropractic Review

Hi. My name is Celeste. I have been a patient of Dr. Carlson for two months, now. And my very first visit to his office; my sister had to bring me because I wasn't able to drive myself. I had a horrible pain in my neck that ran down to my mid back, and it didn't allow me to look from side to side; to look up or down. And what I really loved about Dr. Carlson is that he's very detailed, and every step that he's going to be doing with you, you know; from your first visit up until the last visit. I felt so much better after the first adjustment, and I was a little nervous because it was my first time to come to a chiropractor.

What I really appreciate is the time that he takes whenever you come to see him. On my second visit, I was able to bring my mom, and he went into detail of everything that we were going to be doing.

I had been receiving treatment on my neck, on my mid back and we started some treatment on my lower back, as well, because I had some pain, you know, that prevented me from walking.

Also love about his office is that his staff is so friendly. And my appointments are early in the morning, and you can tell his staff are definitely morning people, because they're always in great moods. You can feel the positive energy that they just give off; so I can't help but be in a good mood after I leave his office.

I was receiving adjustments and spinal decompression on my neck area. The spinal decompression was so relaxing, I actually took a few naps during my treatment. If you have ever experienced pain with your neck or with your mid back, I definitely would recommend it. It's nothing to be afraid of and it's very gentle.

Remember. Spinal decompression is extremely safe, likely effective, cleared by the FDA, non-surgical and affordable. Don't hesitate any longer. Call and get an appointment today and find out how chiropractic care and spinal decompression can help you overcome cervical herniated disc and neck pain. Call (512) 447-DISC. That's (512) 447-3472 or visit us on the Web at