Austin Herniated Disc Pain Relief

South Austin Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression Review

Hi, my name is Kristen and I'm thirty-six years old. My pain started about fifteen years ago. I noticed it gradually. Then about seven years ago, I had a crash and it left my left side a little worse than my right. And I think it just gradually got worse and worse.Herniated 20Disc  20Non Contained 20Herniated 20Disc  20  20Normal 20Disc

I tried everything. I tried acupuncture. I tried exercising. I tried taking it easy. And everything just seemed to get worse and worse, no matter what I did; be it go to the doctor and you would get pain pills, but that didn't work. Once the pain pills were gone, the pain would come back if it even worked at all.

The pain got from a little bad to where I was limited to my daily activities, to so bad that I couldn't do anything. And I couldn't function at work. I couldn't function at home. All I could do was sit and watch TV for a short period of time until I finally had to lay down.

I'm only thirty-six years old, and I knew that I shouldn't be like this, but every treatment that I tried may have worked for a short time, but not long-lasting. It was like a Band-Aid on a broken leg. So, finally I said That's it. I'm going to be in a wheelchair in five years unless I do something absolutely, positively right now about it.

So, I went to the doctor and I said, "What do you think I should do?" And he said, "Have you been to a chiropractor?" And no, not really. I had, maybe, ten years ago; but I barely remember it. I know that it didn't work at the time because I wasn't fully committed to it.

So, I came and I saw Dr. Carlson, and he took some X-rays. And I was quite surprised that that's where all my pain was coming from. In fact, I didn't have all of these things that I thought I had, such as fibromyalgia. I had really bad spine that could be fixed.

So, I went into work that day and I said, "I've got to take some time off from work if this is going to be a full commitment." I got the time off of work. I got a lot more than I thought, as a matter of fact. They were very, very complimentary to me.

I did everything that he said. I got the spinal treatment, decompression, e-stem, adjustments. I took the supplements that I was told to take.

The moment I went into Dr. Carlson's office, I was greeted by a very friendly staff. And I was very amazed, because I was very apprehensive, at first. I was a little scared. But they made everything better. They were all very, very sweet, very knowledgeable; very sharp, very understanding. Dr. Carlson, himself, made me feel very secure in my treatment, and I knew that if I did everything he said and I was left in his care, I was left in very good hands.

The other new treatment that I've never heard of was spinal decompression. I thought it was very interesting, and of course, I decided to try it. Once I did try it, I realized how effective it was. It was so effective that I don't think that my treatment would have been successful without it.

I would be on the machine, I would stretch out my spine and it felt so good. And I would touch my neck, and I would actually feel a difference the moment that I got off of it. And after the six, seven weeks, you could actually see the difference in the X-rays. And I am positive that, that is a very big factor in the success story of me.

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