Chronic Neck Pain Relief – Austin

South Austin Chiropractic Review

And I had been in a car accident in the early nineties, and got whiplash. And the lady that had actually hit me recommended I come see a chiropractor. And I'm really glad I did because at first, it didn't hurt; but several days later I'm like jammed up and I go, I find Dr. Carlson.

It was a physical injury. I needed physical adjustment to get back. And then what I learned over time was that I needed to do the exercises that Dr. Carlson recommended, because without that my muscles weren't strengthening up to hold the adjustments back into place.

Had a work situation. I work looking through a microscope. I work on jewelry. And sometimes there'd be intensive rush jobs that would take weeks of work, and I developed a repetitive motion… You know, just having to keep my head still looking through a microscope to where I couldn't turn my head to the side.

Anyway, over time I've developed repetitive motion injury through work, always, you know, working in the same position and using my hands and tensing up my muscles. And it created pain.

When I've had issues come up with my neck again, with pain, I come back to the chiropractor, and I've discovered now that if I come once a month, that it keeps me in good shape, and I know what I need to do. Having chiropractic care on a regular maintenance basis has kept me in a good condition.

Now, I took a trip last year overseas; but several months beforehand, I started coming back to see Dr. Carlson because I knew that traveling on an airplane for many hours and… I was just in pain a lot. And I started coming back to see Dr. Carlson and he got me to a condition in which I was able to move and flex and not be living in pain.

And it's helped me at work to be able to function. Helped my comfort level and helped me feel happy. When I'm in pain, I'm grouchy. When I'm in pain, I don't feel like doing anything else. I just want to be left alone.

If you have chronic neck pain, there's probably a misalignment in your vertebrae in your spine. Chiropractic care directly manipulates that and gets you back into position. So, it's improved my quality of life. Dr. Carlson is a wonderful chiropractor.

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