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Motorcycle Injury Results in Severe Back Pain

My name is George Vanderhule, and my trip to the chiropractic care began inadvertently in 1976. In 1976, I worked for the Austin Police Department and was on the motorcycle squad. December 6, 1976, I had a motorcycle wreck.

As a result of that wreck, I was thrown over the car. Landed on my back. Went fifty-six feet. I went sliding on my back and slid into the curb headfirst. It ended up with a concussion and a broken collarbone and tore muscles and ligaments in my back and shoulder.

After a lengthy stay in the hospital and even longer stay recuperating, I ended up going back to work. I rode the motorcycle again for a while, made detective and moved up through the ranks.

You know, the pain from my back injury became more and more severe, and by the year 2000, I'd hit the point where I could no longer do the things I enjoyed. I couldn't play golf. I couldn't go snow skiing. Any physical exertion would cause a great deal of pain for the next several days.

I saw several different types of doctors. I went to an orthopedic surgeon. And besides giving me muscle relaxers and pain killers, the only thing they could suggest was back surgery, and the only guarantee they could give me was that there was a 50 percent chance it would make it better or a 50 percent chance it would make it worse, but it wouldn't leave it the same, and I didn't like those odds.

It was my first trip into Carlson Chiropractic, and Dr. John Carlson, after X-raying my back, said that my X-ray looked like a train wreck in the way my vertebrae lined up, and so we started chiropractic care at that point.

Within a couple of months, I saw a dramatic improvement. The pain had dramatically lessened. I had much more mobility and found that I could start doing more and more things that I thought I wasn't going to be able to do. And prior to starting chiropractic care, I was even planning to just take an early medical retirement, because I felt like I couldn't even do my job anymore.

The longer I stayed with chiropractic care, the better it got. The pain ended. I found that if I came in for a weekly adjustment, I didn't have the pain anymore.

And I went back to playing golf. I went back to skiing. I am now doing everything that I used to love to do and couldn't do, and I'm doing it pain free. I like to think I'm probably doing it better than I did before. And I think I owe it all to the chiropractic care that I received at Carlson Chiropractic.

The chiropractic care that I've gotten is what's turned my life around. I retired in 2008 after thirty-eight and a half years, and I retired because I wanted to retire, not because I had to retire due to the medical problems. I was fully healthy when I retired.

One of the things that I loved about the care I received was that I felt like Dr. Carlson wasn't just my doctor (he'd become my friend) and that his staff was like family. They treat me well when I come in. They're always glad to see me. They genuinely care about how I'm doing in my progress.

I would encourage anybody who's having any kind of back, shoulder or hip pain, leg pain, sciatic nerve pain, any of those; don't wait like I did for over fifteen years. Get to a chiropractic center immediately and you'll be amazed at the results you'll receive.

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