Austin Auto Accident Injury Pain Relief

Hello my name is Rusty. I recently had an automobile Whiplash 20Injuries 20are 20Painful accident that gave me neck injuries and shoulder injuries. I was in fairly much severe amount of pain, as well as my daily functioning became very difficult to do general things.

I had always been scared of going to a chiropractor, but once I entered this clinic, I found that I had very much a professional that I would be dealing with, as well as a wonderful and caring staff.

The treatment that I have received has been very much individualized for my injuries, as well as the instruction that I have received.

One of the treatments that I received was laser treatment which gave me relief of pain almost immediately.

The other treatment that I received was spinal decompression, which is not frightening as a lot of people think that it is. It very much relieves the pressure from in your neck.

My future is very bright for me now. I feel that I can doCervical 20Spinal 20Decompression a lot of the things that I did prior to my accident. I feel that I can become more sports involved.

Carlson Chiropractic Clinic is a wonderful staff with professionalism, as well as caring for you on an individual basis. I can recommend it to anyone to go there and get the help that you need, especially if you've had an automobile accident or any type of medical injury that needs to be attended to by a chiropractic physician.

Going to the clinic has changed my life. It has inspired me to get better. It has inspired me, as well, to go along to the next level of my life and continue functioning and doing the things that brings me happiness.

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