Cervical Herniated Disc Pain Relief - South Austin Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression Review

Hi. I'm Roman Guzman. And let me tell you a story about what has happened to me.

I was out in the backyard with my son throwing a football, like we always do. But I didn't warm up, and I started throwing the football kind of hard. And so the next morning, when I wake up, I had numbness in my arm. My neck was stiff, and it really hurt me.

I got together with my wife and we decided that I was going to get some pain pills for the pain that I had in my neck and my arm. That relieved my pain for a little bit, but the numbness in my arm was still there and I had trouble sleeping.

This prevented me from doing was… I love playing golf. And my swing was affected by this because I had lost a little bit of feeling in my right arm, and so I couldn't follow through on my swing. That was very discouraging to me, so I needed to get some help.

The pain really was really severe down my neck and, you know, again I had trouble sleeping. But also, it scared me a little bit because, you know, I was thinking maybe the only way to get rid of it would be through surgery. I was beginning to lose, you know, faith in the pills that I was taking because it was only for pain.

So, I went to see Dr. Carlson and he started me on some adjustments. …past had helped me out with my back that I had issues before. So, I went to him. He started me on treatments.

I had gone to a neurologist who checked me out and confirmed that I had damaged nerves. Again, there was fear in me.

So, Dr. Carlson started the treatments with spinal decompression and just after a few treatments, you know, I could tell the difference, you know, in, you know, getting my feeling back in my arm and my thumb and my index finger. And after just a couple of more, you know, it was amazing how fast, you know, it was working.

After the final treatment (we went through twenty treatments of this) and I felt really well. I felt good, and one of the things that told me that I was doing better is my golf swing started getting better. You know, I could follow through again. It was great.

The other thing about Carlson Chiropractic is their staff. Friendly. They know you by your first name when you walk in the door and treated you like one of their own.

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