Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief - South Austin Chiropractor

Hi, I'm Peggy. I came to Dr. Carlson with carpal tunnel in both wrists, and the pain was just excruciating. It was going from my fingers all the way down to my elbow and it would just hurt anytime I would move my wrists. When I was at home with this pain, I found it difficult to do just the everyday things: getting dressed, eating, anything. Picking anything up, gripping anything. It was really difficult and painful. And the pain would shoot from my fingers all the way down to my elbow. And when I was at work, I had to be on the computer a lot typing. And it just hurt. It hurt to do anything.

He told me of this new treatment that he had using laser, and he lasered over the whole area. And the pain is gone. I can do things. I can move my hands and I have the freedom, now, to do things on the computer without the pain. Carlson Chiropractic is the best chiropractic office I've ever been to. The people there are friendly. They're very courteous. The doctor, himself, really knows what he's doing. I've been to other chiropractors where they did the same treatment every time I had a different pain. And Dr. Carlson changes things up to where it helps every time. I have never gone out of his office in more pain than when I came in. I've always felt relief from the pain. If you have carpal tunnel pain, try chiropractic and laser treatments. It will really give you fast relief. Don't suffer any longer with carpal tunnel pain. Try chiropractic and deep tissue cold laser for fast pain relief. You can visit me on my blog at where you'll find more information and cost-saving Internet specials.