Hand and Wrist Tendonitis Pain Relief - Austin

Hi, my name is Jean. I have been seeing Dr. Carlson for several years now. Three years ago, or so, I came in with tendonitis in my thumb right here; very, very specific, localized location. But I couldn't bend my thumb to write. I couldn't take as many notes as I needed to at work or do whatever it is I needed to with a pen or a pencil.

So, I came to Dr. Carlson who I had already been seeing for my back and asked him, "Well, what can you do about it?" Because I kind of figured that other doctors would prescribe some kind of muscle relaxer or other medication that I just knew wouldn't work in the long term.

So, he did a very quick evaluation and kind of scraped across my forearm and said, "Yes, you've got scar tissue built up in there, and that's what's actually pulling on your muscle and causing your tendon to fire off in your thumb."

So, Dr. Carlson prescribed, if you will, STM, which is Soft Tissue Mobilization and it's a very quick treatment. Eight minutes at a time. Put some cream on your forearm or wherever you have pain; and scrapes, essentially, with a tool to get the scar tissue out.

And after a few treatments, I had no pain in my thumb anymore. I could write. I could do everything that I needed to with my forearm. And three years later, I haven't had a single problem with my forearm since. Dr. Carlson really squared my forearm away and now I have no pain.

Dr. Carlson's office has always been so great to me between all the different treatments I've had coming in over the last few years; abusing myself and coming back in.

They always manage to treat me with the utmost respect, and any time I have a scheduling problem or I come in late, or any other schedule snafus that come along; they work with me. They reschedule. They allow me to come in a few minutes late. They always manage to find a way to get me in and get me treated and help me feel amazing when I leave the door. And I always, always leave Dr. Carlson's office with a smile on my face. They are great.

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