Austin Restless Leg Syndrome Relief-

South Austin Chiropractic Patient Review

If you've experienced the sensation of having to stretch your legs time and time again… Or if you've experienced the feeling in your legs like they've gone to sleep, like you're used to seeing in your arms or other parts of your body, but it seems strange in your legs… Of if it feels like little pins and needle pricks in your legs… …you may be suffering from what I've suffered from, and that's "restless leg syndrome."

My restless leg syndrome really affected my life to the point that it was becoming difficult to function. The painful and sometimes irritating, prickling feelings that my legs were asleep and constantly needed to be stretched caused me to have problems driving, especially long distances. I would have to stop the car, get out and walk around, and then get back in the car. And in between stops, I would have to press my legs against the floorboards while I was driving, which wasn't always safe; but that's what I had to do because my legs would not let me stop them from moving. They had to be moving.

And for a long time I didn't even know that this was a condition. I thought it was just something strange that was affecting me. And I happened to see a commercial one day for restless leg syndrome, and that's when I realized, Hey, this has a name. Maybe I can get treatment.

The chiropractor that I had been going to had the treatment for it. It was developed because his wife also suffered from the restless leg syndrome. So, I told him about this condition and he said, "I think I can help you." Within a few adjustments, my restless leg syndrome was relieved and it lasts for a long time.

And I would encourage you, if you're noticing these symptoms in yourself or others; sometimes you can check the bedsheets where your feet rest at night, and you'll find the material is worn. That's because your feet move back and forth and wear out the material, and that can be a telltale sign. So, if you or a loved one is suffering from this, I encourage you to seek the chiropractic care that's available. Try this first. It works for me.

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