Overcoming the Fear of Chiropractic Care Chiropractic Bias Overcome

Hi, my name is Doug and I'm here today to give you the confidence and trust that you might need to seek chiropractic care.

I've been a patient of Dr. Carlson's for many years, back to the mid-nineties (1990s, that is) and the reason that I was able to come to him was because my son, who's a registered nurse, had been his patient. And I didn't know that, because I didn't trust chiropractors from a long history with other family problems and issues; so I would never seek a chiropractor's help, even though I was suffering from headaches and a lot of pain.

However my son, knowing this, had gone to Dr. Carlson and got a program of treatment that worked for him. He was rid of his headaches. And after that program was completed, he shared with me that he had been to Dr. Carlson and that he thought I might benefit from it. After all those years of nothing but disdain for chiropractors in general, I didn't have any choice but to open my mind and accept the fact that perhaps I was biased out of either fear or misinformation, and that I owed it to myself to seek Dr. Carlson's help.

I did that. Since my son was a nurse and a medical person, he helped me see the way. I have got my program started with Dr. Carlson and I had results very, very quickly. In fact, in some things he was able to help me with just one or two visits.

So, I would encourage anyone who is seeking help to come to Dr. Carlson, and if you fear it; you don't need to fear Dr. Carlson. He's very trained. He's very skilled. And as I like to say, he has magic hands that can work miracles. So, open your mind, and you owe it to yourself.

So, if you've had pain or if you've had problems; you've heard other people with their horror stories of not being helped, I'd encourage you to seek chiropractic care because that doesn't necessarily mean it will be your story. You could have the miracle cures that I've experienced in my life.

Try chiropractic care. It works.

Carlson Chiropractic. We do a thorough consultation, examination, and take all necessary X-rays to make sure we eliminate any contraindicated condition that would cause any problem. Following that consultation exam, appropriate X-rays; chiropractic care is extremely safe.

Fear and bias of chiropractic can keep you suffering for many years with no resolution. Try chiropractic. It's safe, it's gentle and effective.

Give us a call at (512) 447-9093 or you can search for us on the Web at www.carlsonchiro.com where you'll be able to find more people who enjoy the health-restoring benefits of chiropractic care.