Austin Spinal Decompression

Extremely Safe & Likely Effective

Approximately eight weeks ago (almost seven and a half weeks, for that matter) I came to Dr. Carlson. I was in severe pain. I was using a cane. I have a degenerative hip and somehow or the other, I reached down to pick something up and I pulled a disc out.

I went to a regular physician and he advised me that he would have to give me some shots, things of this nature. I said no, that I really didn't want to do that by virtue of the fact that to me, if you inject something into your body to kill the pain, you're not solving the problem.

I have had a previous experience with a chiropractor about thirty-five years ago; again, with positive results. Because of that, I came and saw Dr. Carlson. Dr. Carlson, in fact, was recommended by my health care provider.

And as a result, I no longer walk with a cane. Approximately a month and a half into the treatment, the pain went away. I no longer have any pain. I'm able to walk upright and I really believe the spinal decompression was the cause for me getting back to where I need to be. Thank you.

Spinal decompression is extremely safe, likely effective, non-surgical, cleared by the FDA and affordable. Don't suffer any longer with lower back pain, leg pain or a pain due to a herniated bulging or protruding disc. Call for an appointment today at (512) 447-DISC or (512) 447-3472. Visit on the web at