Austin Decompression Relieved Lower Back Pain

and Saved Career

Hello, I'm Paul. I am a surveyor, and I walk a lot. I am on my feet pretty much all the time. And my pain was getting to the point to where I could no longer do my job. Walking lots of miles in rough terrain and carrying stuff was to the point to where my lower back was shooting with pain; and, I don't know. I couldn't sleep at night. I couldn't stand up. I couldn’t do anything without thinking about why my back was in agony.

When I came here, Dr. Carlson offered to show me about the spinal decompression. I received adjustments, and that helped, but the spinal decompression pretty much made me feel better.

Without the spinal decompression, I was facing a potentialCustomized 20Low 20Back 20Spinal 20Decompression 20  20Austin 2 career change because I could no longer keep up the duties which I was used to doing. So, being put back in action and now being able to fulfill my duties without being in agony is pretty important to me.

Because of the care I received here at Carlson Chiropractic and the spinal decompression, I can now live my life like I used to. I currently run several miles a day. As I said earlier, I work on my feet, so I probably walk about ten miles a day, carrying all kinds of gear and heavy nonsense. And due to the spinal decompression, I can still carry on with my life and here I am back in action.

Spinal 20Decompression 20Saved 20a 20Career 20in 20SurveyingThe staff at Carlson Chiropractic was always nice to me. Courteous. And they always worked with me and never had any problems. The scheduling was always pretty convenient.

I'm back in action. I'm pulling my weight at work, running like I want to, and thanks to Carlson Chiropractic and spinal decompression, I'm back at it. So, if you ever think about trying chiropractic care, I would recommend it.

Remember. Spinal decompression is extremely safe, likely effective, cleared by the FDA, non-surgical and affordable. If you're suffering from herniated, bulging or protruding discs, try chiropractic and spinal decompression.Call for your appointment today at 512-447-9093.