South Austin Chiropractic Reviews

Austin chiropractors have helped thousands of patients Carlson Chiropractic - Austinfind pain relief, restore functions, and regain their lost lifestyle without drugs or surgery. The best way to hear successful chiropractic care testimonies is from the patients themselves.

Find the condition, chiropractic treatment, spinal decompression, auto accident injury treatment, or Class IV deep tissue cold laser pain relief you are interested in below. Then click on the link and you will be able to read, listen, and watch the patients of South Austin Chiropractor - Carlson Chiropractic are saying how chiropractic care relieved pain, restored function, and helped them regain their lost lifestyle.

Austin Cervical Bulging Disc and Neck Pain Relief

Cervical bulging disc can generate neck pain, shoulder pain, arm Cervical Spinla Decompression  - Austinpain, and upper mid back pain. Listen this patient success story of how spinal decompression helped her find severe neck pain relieve.

Austin Auto Accident Pain Relief

Austin woman was injured in a car accident causing injury resulting in neck and Auto Accidents Cause Shoulder Pain
shoulder pain. She credits chiropractic care, spinal decompression, class IV
cold laser treatments for resolving her auto accident injuries.

Headache ReliefHeadaches Occur in 80% of Whiplash Injuries
Austin woman tells how chiropractic adjustments were effect to relieve her chronic headaches she suffered for years. Chiropractic adjustments realigned the vertebra of her neck and her chronic headaches were gone.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief

Chronic carpal tunnel syndrome was making this Austin woman's job difficult due to hand and wrist pain and especially numbness. Chiropractic adjustments and laser helped find the carpal tunnel syndrome relief she needed.

Chronic Neck PainNeck Pain has Many Causes

Years of chronic neck pain was due to car accident years ago. Her neck pain was causing difficulty doing her job. Chiropractic treatment years after the auto accident helped her find the neck pain she needed to enjoy her career and life.

Chronic Back Pain Relief

A auto vs. motorcycle accident 24 years ago caused severe chronic neck pain, mid Auto Accident Low Back Pain
back pain , and lower back pain. The pain was so severe it almost pushed him into a costly early retirement. Chiropractic helped relieve his pain, keep his job, and return to golf and snow skiing.

Decompression Saves Career

Austin man has a career in surveying that demands he carry heavy equipment acrossSpinal 20Decompression 20Saved 20a 20Career 20in 20Surveying
rugged terrain. His pain is so severe it challenges his ability to complete his job.
Austin chiropractor treats his severe lower back pain with spinal decompression. End
result - Low back pain gone and career saved.

Facial Pain Relief

Hand and Wrist Tendonitis Pain Relief

Listen to his woman's video chiropractic review how chiropractic care helped her IMG 0367
overcome hand and wrist tendonitis with soft tissue mobilization technique. Years of chronic inflammation caused scar tissue leading to tendonitis. Listen how she became pain free.

Herniated Disc Pain Relief

A thirty-six year-old female suffered with lower back pain due to herniated disc for Lumbar 20Herniated 20Disc 20  20Pinched 20Nerveyears. She tried acupuncture, pain pills, and exercise but all failed. Austin chiropractor helps her herniated disc with spinal decompression. Listen to her enthusiastic spinal decompression review.

Knee Pain Relief

Chronic bilateral bone-on-bone knee is so severe for this woman that daily activitiesLaser Knee Pain Relief of grocery shopping, house work, and even walking 20 steps cause severe bilateral knee pain. Watch her video chiropractic review how class IV cold laser treatment relieved her knee pain and gave her daily freedom to move around.

Mid Back Pain Relief

This man's story of chiropractic mid back pain relief is compelling. After multiple visits IMG 0394to the emergency room. Medical treatment was not able to find the cause of his mid back pain. Chiropractic adjustments helped him find the relief he desperately needed. Make sure if you have severe mid back and chest pain get a medical doctor exam. If
test are negative try chiropractic!

Laser Pain Relief

This woman suffered with severe leg pain. Her leg pain was so severe she took narcoticIMG 0355
strength drugs to eliminate her pain. Still the pain killer only treated symptoms.
Listen to her story how chiropractor used class IV cold laser to bring her excruciating
leg pain to an end without drugs.

Leg Pain Relief

Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Back and Leg Pain Relief

Neck Pain Relief

Severe neck and mid back pain are resolved when an Austin chiropractor treats Cervical Spinal Decompresion Austinthis woman with chiropractic adjustments and spinal decompression. Her video chiropractic review for her neck and mid back pain tells how relaxing her spinal decompression treatments were.

Overcoming the Fear of ChiropracticChiropractic Adjustment - Lower Back

This man tells how he was afraid to get a chiropractic adjustment. After his son was successfully treated with chiropractic care he decided to face his fear and see if chiropractic care could bring his back and neck pain to an end.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is typically not recognized to be a problem chiropractic care Cervical Subluxation can Caues Restless Leg Syndromecan help. This man share his video chiropractic review how chiropractic care eliminated his restless leg syndrome by eliminating nerve pressure in the neck. Chiropractic offers drug-free restless leg syndrome relief.

Sciatic and Lower Back Pain Relief

Austin has many people who suffer with sciatica and lower back pain. This woman'sAustin Sciatica is Helped wih Chiropractic Adjustments video chiropractic review tells how chiropractic adjustments helped her find sciatic nerve pain relief without drugs or surgery when exercise and tradition medicine failed.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Spinal Decompression: Safe and Likely Effective

Lumbar Spinal Decompression for Herniated Discs
This man's video chiropractic review tells how his severe low back and leg pain caused him to walk with a cane. He did not want epidural spinal injections. He turned to an Austin chiropractor for spinal decompression therapy. The results is no more lower back pain and no more cane.